Your Ocean Within... Riding The Tide

Ever thought about water?   Water is the matrix of all life.  It carries oxygen, nutrients and wastes.  Remember that every living cell is surrounded by water, contains water and IS water! But who understands common simple H2O?

Water is the commonly ignored context of biology.  If you can make water happy you can rock biochemistry at its charge driven foundations.  It is the place no one looked, the plain-sight secret never suspected of being “The” secret.   Science has detailed every intricate bio-molecular relationship without ever realizing that water is involved at their core.  Subtle ambient radiant energies are captured by water and power the chemistry of life itself.
 Dr. Gerald Pollack of The University of Washington dared to part the sea of H2O science  in “The Fourth Phase of Water”.   Now we know the laboratory-proven workings of aqueous media.

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