A new NIH study proclaiming that Ginkgo biloba causes cancer is so absurd you must wonder if they produced it with a straight face. More important, though, is why—and the reason is truly frightening. It’s part of a system determined to steal all natural health methods and hand them to Big Pharma & Big Medicine for profits.

 Why the NIH Uses Bogus Study to Malign Ginkgo Biloba

by Heidi Stevenson

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recently funded and published a study that purports to demonstrate severe risk from the ancient and commonly-used herb, Ginkgo biloba.[1] They claim that Ginkgo extract causes thyroid cancer in male and female rats and male mice, and liver cancer in both male and female mice. While that sounds scary, the reality is that the study’s parameters were such that it’s difficult to take it seriously.

Ultimately, we’re left to wonder why the NIH is pouring public money into studying a well-known and long-used natural herb on which many people depend for their health.

Here are details of the study. You can skip them by clicking here.

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