Docked Citi Bikes? Free SoulCycle.

Comedian Fabrizio Goldstein, who goes by “The Fat Jew,” seems to be the first to have figured out that wheels on the city’s new Citi Bikes still spin when they’re locked up and not in use.

In a video posted to The Crosby Press, Goldstein leads what he says are a group of homeless people in a spinning class.

I’m seriously teaching SoulCycle classes for homeless people in NYC. I’m extremely fat but my core is strong. WATCH:

— The Fat Jew (@FATJEW) June 20, 2013

“Let the music take over!” Goldstein screams in the video, sporting a tight black belly shirt. “Cardio party!”

“I want the homeless people of New York to have the opportunity to have sick bodies,” Goldstein says in an interview near the end of the video. “So they can have really gorgeous bodies, they just need the right workout regimen, and Citi Bike has really opened up a whole new world to them.”

A single Soul Cycle class in New York City costs 34 dollars.

In March 2013, over 50,000 homeless people stayed at New York City municipal shelters.

[VIA The Crosby Press]