Been feeling stressed lately?

You are not alone. Eight out of ten adults reported feeling stressed at work this year. It’s such a prevelant condition that 75 percent of doctor’s visits are for stress-related issues.

Let’s face it: There are a lot of not-so-fun things to deal with in life that can make you feel overwhelmed. Bills, disintegrating relationships — even distressing current events. But even though most stressors seem like negative life events, it’s less commonly discussed that positive occurrences can also be stressful. Ever tried to get all your friends together for your birthday? Started a new career? How about planning a wedding? The best things in life can also get complicated and cause distress too.

Emotional reactions to stress are well known. It’s easy to get anxious when you’re stuck in traffic and already late to work, but stress can have a physical toll as well. People can experience poor sleep, fatigue and even chest pain.

There are ways to identify your stressers and learn to relax. By honestly answering questions posed in the video like, “do you have trouble juggling tasks” or “are you frequently angry” you assess the scenarios and tasks that elevate your stress levels. Taking a moment to discover what causes you to break a nervous sweat. It could help you to learn to cope with stress more effectively.