Could you imagine a workplace where nobody’s in charge, you don’t work your way up from a cubicle to the corner office, and employees vote on who gets promoted? The non-hierarchical “bossless office” is the new norm at several corporations hoping to create workplaces where their employees can be happier and more creative.

This (perhaps idealistic) vision of a “flexible workplace” is being put to the test at software design and development company Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Mich., the subject of a recent New York Magazine feature by Matthew Shaer, “The Boss Stops Here.”

“My impression was that people are happier, from what I could find, and the teams did move fluidly,” Shaer told HuffPost Live.

But would this type of organizational structure actually be sustainable? One commenter on the New York Magazine piece ventures to guess that it would “turn into Lord of the Flies in most offices within a week.”

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