Best-selling author Deepak Chopra has made a career out of dispensing advice to spiritual seekers around the globe (and to his nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers). But when asked for the single most valuable piece of wisdom he would impart to every human being, he had just three simple words to share: “Take it easy.”

The founder of The Chopra Foundation spoke these words of wisdom when he stopped by HuffPost Live with his brother and co-author Sanjiv Chopra to discuss their new book, “Brotherhood.”

But Chopra emphasized that letting go of stress doesn’t mean not trying — it has more to do with focusing on the process rather than fixating on the end result.

“It means don’t be attached to the outcome,” Chopra explained. “I say pursue excellence; ignore success.”

Sanjiv also shared his most important piece of advice for individuals looking to live a purposeful life.

“Reflect and ask yourself the question, ‘What is my purpose?'” Chopra added. “Not ‘What are my goals? What is my plan?’ but ‘What is my purpose?’ and it will come to you.”

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