If Gov. Chris Christie needs any help with his journey to a healthier self, Al Sharpton will be there to assist.

The MSNBC host was stopped in New York City by TMZ on Monday and reacted to Christie’s decision to have weight loss surgery in February. Sharpton offered to be Christie’s “maintenance man.”

Sharpton lost more than 100 pounds and has maintained his slim figure since the dramatic weight loss. Sharpton appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” and detailed his new diet. He said he doesn’t eat any meat. Instead, he eats fish twice a week, vegetables and fruit. Sharpton told the audience he weighed 305 pounds at his peak and lost about 125 pounds.

“I did it naturally, but the way he’s doing it is still good. You do not need to carry that weight around,” Sharpton said. “Either way, I can tell him that you must lose the weight, and if you want to do it with the Lap-Band—fine. If that doesn’t work, come see Reverend Al and I’ll show him how to do it natural. The challenge, Chris, is to start, now you have to maintain.”

Earlier this year, Sharpton offered to give Christie dieting advice.

(h/t TMZ)