I have a bracelet that I wear (almost) everyday. It is just a plain black bracelet and on it, it says “BELIEVE” in white letters. You’d be surprised how many times people ask me what my bracelet represents, “Believe in what?” My answer to that is always the same, “Believe in anything, but you need to believe in something.”

And I fully believe in that. Honestly, what gets me through every day and keeps me so optimistic is my belief in my faith. Now, I pray, I do not preach — which is why I say to believe in anything. You do need something bigger than yourself to hope in, to talk to when you’re upset and even to blame sometimes. I use my belief as an understanding when things don’t go my way. Instead of getting upset, I try to think of everything as a blessing in disguise. That guy things didn’t work out with? Okay, I get it; he wasn’t the one I am supposed to be with. Locked my keys in the trunk? Totally would’ve gotten in a car accident if I left when I was supposed to. I know it may seem a little excessive, but instead of getting upset at things, I sigh (it still does stink!) and pray, “Fine, thank You for protecting me again.”

I really think it is important to look at the bigger picture sometimes. As corny as it is, I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason. Our whole lives are made up of decisions that we have made. Some decisions that were changed last-minute, some decisions we were forced to make, and other decisions that we spent hours thinking about. It’s incredible to think how different our lives would be if we had chosen the other option. But that is not something you should look at as regret; you are exactly where you should be even if you don’t know exactly where you’re going.

When I was a senior in high school, I made the biggest decision a high school student makes — where to go to college. And I made the complete, absolute, worst decision. I got into the school of my dreams — even got a scholarship to go there! I was so happy when I got the call that I cried. (I actually was trying on a prom dress and bought that prom dress because it obviously gave me good luck!) But do you think I went to that school? Nope, instead I chose a little school six hours from home that I really didn’t have an interest in, except that my (ex) boyfriend’s school was five minutes away. Yes, I was “that girl” that made the bad “but I want to be with my boyfriend” decision that everyone warns you not to make. I stayed for a semester and then transferred to Roger Williams University, where I had the time of my life and met the most amazing friends. My parents knew all along the choice I was making was not the right one, but they let me make it anyway, and I thank them for that. I have to say that deep down I knew it was the wrong decision too, but it was a decision I needed to figure out on my own. However, I don’t regret choosing that school for one second. If I didn’t go there, I would’ve chosen the school that I was crazy about and right now my life would be completely different.

It’s life-changing decisions like these when you really need to believe that this is all part of the plan. Don’t look at bad decisions or bad outcomes as a negative thing; instead find the positive that comes out of them, because there is always a positive even if you don’t realize it yet. Believe in what makes your heart full and you will find comfort in times of trouble and happiness in all that you do.

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