Luck is not anything mysterious or magical, but with learning a set of skills and having an awareness of what makes “lucky” people lucky and the “unlucky” ones unlucky, we can all change our life to have a “luckier” one. To see what luck is, we need to know what luck is not.

Luck is not:

– It is nothing magical that is only accessible to some and none-existence for others.
– It is not something solely based on random chances.
– It is not because certain people are born lucky and certain ones are born to be doomed.

What causes lucky people to be lucky?

Some people who feel lucky may not have specific insights as to why they feel that way, but there are real causes for having good or bad luck, in my opinion. These reasons are correlated and associated with specific thoughts and behaviors and how responsible people feel toward their future and how they take their steps to get there.

To get lucky:

– Create positivity for yourself and pay attention to what is out there.
– Learn how to find a balance between your intuitive self and your rational self.
– Learn how to have a healthy dose of optimism. In other words, focus on the positive but only be aware of the negative.
– Learn how to start, direct and finish tasks to the end and feel fulfilled doing so.
– Learn how to become more resilient.
– Learn how to pick something of value from adversity.
– Learn how to detour unnecessary challenges and face the ones that are necessary.
– Learn how to distinguish between what needs to stay stable and what needs to change and challenge your comfort zone if change is necessary.
– Learn how to take a chance when taking one is called for.
– Learn how to explore options and take responsible risks.
– Diversify when you can, explore new things, take different routes, learn to have a solid but at the same time an open mind.

Your personal disposition and your outlook of life are what make you lucky or unlucky. Through specific behavioral and cognitive modifications, you can be your lucky self and experience a more fulfilling life.

Roya R Rad, MA, PsyD
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