BMB Rep. 2012 Apr ;45(4):242-6. PMID: 22531135

Abstract Title: 

Resveratrol and piperine enhance radiosensitivity of tumor cells.


The use of ionizing radiation (IR) is essential for treating many human cancers. However, radioresistance markedly impairs the efficacy of tumor radiotherapy. IR enhances the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a variety of cells which are determinant components in the induction of apoptosis. Much interest has developed to augment the effect of radiation in tumors by combining it with radiosensitizers to improve the therapeutic ratio. In the current study, the radiosensitizing effects of resveratrol and piperine on cancer cells were evaluated. Cancer cell lines treated with these natural products exhibited significantly augmented IR-induced apoptosis and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential, presumably through enhanced ROS generation. Applying natural products as sensitizers for IR-induced apoptotic cell death offers a promising therapeutic approach to treat cancer.