2013-05-13-2_Uruz.jpg Uruz — Auroch — This second rune of the first aett hasn’t come up in a long time. In the story of the runes, Uruz is the first point that we become aware of our ability to shape the universe. We become aware of nature’s mysteries, specifically, that we are one of them. How, then, does Uruz shed light on our ability to shape ourselves?

This week, look to the story we tell about ourselves. Uruz begins a deep transformation in how we manifest ourselves. How we manifest ourselves depends on the inner story we tell. Is the one we’re actually telling in sync with the one we want to tell? If not, now is the time to change it. The magic of Uruz lies in the ability to realize that we are the only ones who can control both the story and its delivery. Responsibility, then, is a key component, as is the realization that we can’t control how our story is accepted. This understanding creates a recursive wisdom pointing back to ourselves as the shapers of our destiny.

The ability to change our inner story relies on our ability to see its value. In order to see its value we have to take time to understand what we’re telling at present and know how we want to write it differently. Take some time this week to investigate where the story needs to change, and write that revision. Literally, sit down and write it out. We overlook such simple acts of manifestation as expressing the inner story into art. When we breathe our story into art, we give it life. We honor it. We make it real.

Uruz indicates a rite of passage into awakened personhood. This week we stand on the verge of intense self-empowerment. The elements support it, so go ahead. Jump off. Because we are so active in our stories, we’ll be there to catch ourselves.

Originally published at Intentional Insights.

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