How Free of Gluten are "Glutenfree" Labeled Products Really?

Common Complaint: “glutenfree” yet still experiencing symptoms

Mainstream and natural medicine agree:

No matter if non-celiac and/or celiac gluten sensitive, an individual sensitive to gluten needs to adopt a 100% glutenfree diet (GFD) and lifestyle!

Over more or less time on a GFD most related symptoms should disappear. But, as little as 1 gram daily gluten from contamination can lead to refractory (unresponsive) disease and trigger secondary health challenges.

Such ongoing issues include in no particular order: mineral imbalances and deficiencies, RA, polymyalgia rheumatica, anxiety, depression, psoriasis and other skin diseases, hypothyroidism, diabetes, lack of energy, UTI, gallbladder disease, a large spectrum of autoimmune challenges and more.

We routinely suggest a “Fresh Food Finds Friends™” approach to the glutenfree diet for our patients.

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