Five easy steps… are you kidding me? People, people, people! I know you want everything like a drive-through window: quick and greasy.

How about instead, I give you five organic, thought-provoking, deep steps. Ooh, some of you like this version better.

Okay, so, here’s what I’m going to do, as I must be true to my title. I’m going to make it work for you “let’s get on with it!” types as well as you deliberate and contemplative types.

But, before we get down to business — an important question for you both. Do you honestly and truly want to find your passion?!? A simple “uh-huh” just won’t do. If you are going to pursue this, on some level you need to be committed — even if just to the idea, even if you have no idea how this could happen.

So, let me ask again, “Do you truly want to find your passion?!” Now, challenge yourself to open up and feel the possibilities — again, no matter how vague. If you don’t challenge yourself and your life, you might as well just stick in your same-ole, same-ole muck. Move the muck, move yourself. It is possible, no matter how constrained or locked in you feel. You just have to take it one step at a time.

Step 1

If you really want to figure out what it is you were born to do or be, don’t go about it alone. I tell you this because this is/was key, key, key in my life experience. Without my mentors (at this point, there have been two biggies), I would not be where I am. I am living my passion, truly. I feel it on every level of my body and soul (this is me screaming out right now!).

Of course, I have friends/family who have been with me every step of the way, however, putting your trust in someone outside of your circle is of the utmost importance. Someone who can see you clearly and objectively.

My experience is that this “outsider” can take you to places beyond your own concepts/perceptions. Alternatively, they will also give you incredible doses of reality when you need it and then help you reconstruct your direction.

And, for heaven’s sake, chose someone who rocks it. Someone you feel is living their passion and doing all that they can to perpetuate it. They don’t have to be perfect, and if they say they are… run!

Step 2

To find this mentor (let’s put some names to it — business advisor, life coach, religious mentor, spiritual teacher), this individual should fit you in some deep way. I never thought I would be doing meditation/mindfulness, much less teaching it. I found my first teacher because my friends said she was simply amazing. All the words they used to embody her spoke to me — spoke to my heart. What speaks to you? How someone is described? What a person does for work? What their position is? How they carry themselves through life? What religion or spirituality they hold dearly?

Step 3

Trust yourself enough to trust your mentor. By no means does this mean giving all of you to them. Stay discerning and always do what you feel is best.

A good mentor/teacher also is more of a facilitator. They help you — they don’t boss you or tell you what to do; they encourage and support with truth. And if you try one and they don’t fit, in no way is this a dead end. Use the knowledge that you gained and direct that into finding someone better. Believe that this person was there to teach you something, even if it simply added more clarity to what you don’t want. That is invaluable stuff.

Step 4

Dream frigin’ big, then let go. Set your goals and parameters, but leave plenty of room for surprises. Yes, we are talking about surrendering control. That’s a hard concept to release and a component I still struggle with.

Let’s look at it this way: Have your grand plan, but be okay with taking a different path or stepping off the path or getting poop on your shoe because someone didn’t clean up behind their dog on the path. See everything as some kind of opportunity. An opportunity to grow. An opportunity to rethink. An opportunity to see that maybe this wasn’t exactly as you thought it would be. An opportunity to do something even more fabulous than what you first imagined possible!

Step 5

Trust that somehow, some way, if you write it down, have it in your head, have vision boards, have a mission statement, that it will come to be. Let go of timeframes. Let go of “how it is supposed to happen,” and also who might be involved.

So, what’s the first step to these five steps? And this is truly easy. Put it out there that you want to find someone to assist you. Even just thinking about it is a great way to start. And remember, all of this, even with your mentor, is in your hands. You are the masterful innovator and creator. Be your dream. Feel it in you, whether it is in front of you or not. Trust yourself; trust others to help you drive it home. I wholeheartedly believe we are all here to live to our fullest passion and potential. My passion is still in progress, but it has great legs. I wish this for you — now go get it.

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