Try thinking systemically. It immediately expands your world view beyond its parts and into an experience of deep ecological connectedness. There is a Buddhist feel to this practice and way of seeing. In narrow minded focused we get hooked by the illusion of the separation of things. On the other hand, in a systems approach we re-connect to greater wholes and gain a sense of clear seeing. Systems thinking is seeing the world less rationally and more relationally, less statically and more dynamically and fluidly. Systems thinking offers a view of a living Earth that dances and moves to larger rhythms here in the physical world. We observe the dance when we look out our windows, up in the sky, deep into nature. We are either dancing in harmony with her rhythm or stepping on her toes.

The Holonic Shift, as presented by Joanna Macy (eco-philosopher), animates abstract notions of a quantum mechanics and fractal holographic Universe into practical notions of reality that offer sustainable ways of acting in harmony with the world together.  This experience of working together with others on behalf of our world is what Joanna calls a new kind of grace and leads to synergy.

We can all put into use tools of empowerment as we move through The Shift. As we personally and collectively awaken to our interconnectedness with natural systems, spontanous order and creativity emerge from the chaos. As Fritjof Capra says, “Creativity is the driving force of evolution, not information. Information comes from creativity and ideas…And, because what arises from chaos is a higher level of order, chaos theory is really a theory of order.

When you find your life in chaos, know that it is part of a larger system, one that is helping you to create more homeostasis. When something breakdown in your life, think of it as initiating the wider knowledge and clearer seeing that is on your horizon. As this happens in your life, take time to sit with the chaos and know that it is really order in disguise.

In order to let in the beauty that’s waiting, you have to make room. Sometimes the Universe knocks down a couple of your barriers in order to do so. Thus, it is all part of the intelligence of the whole system you are a part of. You are a whole in and of itself, and you are also part of a much greater whole. Know that even when things seems helter-skelter, you are actually creating new opportunities for much greater order, creativity and new information to guide you.

Photo Credit: Marina Montoya

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