I loved the film Kumare, a story of a false prophet. The movie maker Vikram Gandhi decides to impersonate a fake guru and quickly builds a following.

Vikram’s point of view is that we tell ourselves the stories we want to believe. The truth is something we are creating, because the world is as we are. We have all of our answers inside, but we have forgotten how powerful we truly are. So we end up chasing happiness outside of ourselves. Views I in all ways share.

The false prophet ends up causing massive healing around him. This makes Vikram wonder in the documentary. To me, it’s simple. We heal and grow when we are looked at with hopeful and believing eyes. And we break a little every time we experience the opposite.

I love Vikram’s TED Talk, where he underlines the point that we need to write our own story and own the fact that we are great spiritual beings. If we are the ones creating it all, let’s create something we love and are nurtured by.

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