Singer and songwriter Bret Michaels knows a thing or two about what it takes to be a rockstar — and he has some surprising advice for hopeful musicians on how to keep your voice healthy for long performances.

On a recent HuffPost Live segment, Michaels told host Ricky Camilleri that getting proper rest is the best way to sustain high performance as a rock singer.

“The thing that will kill you more than alcohol is being tired,” Michaels said. “If you’re worn out and wiped out, your voice gets gravely. I’ve been blessed with the ability for my voice to heal quickly. Don’t get me wrong, rock is tough … but if you can get a little sleep and exercise, it helps get that blood flowing.”

And he’s right: A 2011 University of South Australia study found that fatigue can compromise vocal performance by causing significant voice changes. Getting enough sleep can also help keep stress levels in check, improve memory and spur creativity, and even boost longevity, among other health benefits.

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