Ayurvedic Herbal Formula Proven to Treat Hepatitis B

Clinical and laboratory research from India has proven that an Ayurvedic formula used for liver infections halts the often deadly hepatitis B virus.

Indian scientists utilized a formula that has been referred to as HD-03/ES. This is an Ayurvedic herb liver formulation made up of the extracts of two herbs: Cyperus rotundus (also referred to as Java grass or Nut grass) and Cyperus scariosus (referred to as Cypriol or Nagarmotha).

The researchers tested four different concentrations of this herbal combination against the hepatitis B surface antigens using liver cells (PLC/PRF/5) infected with hepatitis and actually carcinogenic.

The cultures were tested for 24 hours each and then underwent enzyme assays to determine the results. In all four concentrations, which ranged from 125 micrograms per milliliter to 1000 micrograms – the herbal extract suppressed the cells’ ability to produce the hepatitis B surface antigens – which allow the virus to infect other cells.

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