Allergies to Monoculture Food Crops Growing

Not so long ago a family farm produced a myriad of crops for the family and local community, including vegetables, corn, squash, cabbage and others. Today’s farms are a different proposition altogether, and monoculture food production is not only proving to be hard on the land and environment, but it is also increasingly causing hay fever and allergies.

Allergy specialists from France’s Nancy University and the Allergy Vigilance Network conducted a large-scale study of children and adults with regard to their sensitivity to the monoculture crops of corn/maize and rapeseed – grown on giant farms in the midst of small towns scattered throughout Europe.

The sixty-nine allergy researchers, members of the Allergy Vigilance Network, conducted a study that included 2,515 children and 2,857 adults. The subjects were tested for either having an allergy or sensitivity to these crops – or having an immune sensitivity that would likely to develop into an allergy.

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