It’s well-known that there are many health benefits that accompany a healthier lifestyle, such as improved sleep, easier weight loss, better skin, more energy, and improved memory… but we don’t often hear about the other realm of benefits that many experience when they start to lighten their load and clean their bodies!

There are many stages of clean eating and detoxification, of course. For one person, cutting out soda and cigarettes might bring drastic health improvements while someone further along in their health journey might be more detoxified and implement a lot of juicing and smoothies as the next step in their health journey. Whatever stage you’re at, the increase in detoxification (removing toxins and impurities stored in your cells) and decrease of toxic food-like products and harmful habits will bring about abundant positive health benefits and experiences. Some of these other ‘un-heard of benefits’ include spirituality and connected-ness; here’s how clean eating impacts these two areas of our lives:

1) Increased oxygenation occurs when you remove the refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, and acid-forming foods which suppress your body’s natural elimination process and cause inflammation. Instead of fighting acidosis in the body, taxing the adrenals and kidneys, and lowering your immunity with low-nutrition foods, a cleaner diet allows the body to heal itself when it’s not being constantly bombarded with unhealthy combinations. As a result of eating cleaner, you become more alkaline (especially with emphasis on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens) and oxygenated.

Why is this important? Because when you are more oxygenated you are proven to feel better, have faster brain activity, and a quieter mind. When you aren’t screaming at all the constant garbage rolling around in your head grabbing for attention, you can instead focus on the quiet thoughts in the world, the trickling stream in the woods, the gorgeous sun illuminating the world…etc.

When you improve your focus and quiet your inner mind, you ultimately have more time and room for self-reflection, which is where spirituality is grounded. The source is in you and to connect to yourself is to connect to the Universe and all that is.

Imagine, you can become a more peaceful, content, and mindful you just by increasing your real-food intake!

clean eating2) Spirituality through movement – yoga, running, or sport

My favorite thing that comes from clean eating is that it’s easy to shed excess weight and find the energy to begin moving! Movement or ‘exercise’ is unique to every individual. While some enjoy running, hiking, or fast-paced physical engagement, others find quiet mind moments through yoga, Pilates, and swimming.

But here’s the thing – not only do these activities increase oxygenation (talked about above) but they almost force you to be in the moment. Different from what it sounds like, this is very positive, because it’s only in this moment that we live. Typically, we are always escaping through television, work, plans for the future, and many more distracting energy outlets… When you move your body and feel the strength of your legs, the stability of your core, and the willpower you possess, you gain unique perspective and start to appreciate your self and wonderful being. Sound familiar? The more you become in tune with YOU, the easier it is to look deeper down into yourself to find what’s really there –and what you find will be the most beautiful expression of the universe: yourself.

3) Less toxic accumulation = higher vibration

Kirlian photography has long been utilized as a means to express and measure the energy we all possess, as well as ordinary objects like plants and guess what…your food! Not only does the chemistry of what you eat impact your body or uplift it, but the energy, or lack of, makes a huge difference as well!

When you eat foods that are very ‘dead’ in energy (like a hamburger), these foods, compared to an eating clean foods like apples that are bursting with life-energy, ultimately enhance or degrade your own personal energy! Measure what you eat with Kirlian Photography or decide to really become more in tune with how food makes you feel.

Do you feel like you need a nap after you eat a big, unhealthy, cooked meal? Or do you feel a lot lighter, more energized, and super vibrant when you eat a raw vegan (uncooked under 115 degrees) meal full of healing plant foods? The answer is always that there is a profound difference.

This matters in your spirituality because everything is energy, and the source (highest energy – God/Spirit/Universe) vibrates the highest. The higher YOU begin to vibrate, the easier it is to feel your connectedness with the rest of creation. This means that when you go on a hike, it’s a lot easier to appreciate the natural beauty of nature, it can be much easier to have compassion for fellow humanity, and, finally, your own personal practice or meditation greatly enhances!

We’ve known for a while that food makes a huge difference when it comes to our health, but it’s time to nourish all aspects of our well-being: mind, body, and spirit. The way we live is not separate to what we experience; so if you’re seeking a way to find unification and enhance your spirituality, why not try eating healthier? It’s an easy way to enhance your vibration and become more in-tune with the source and the rest of creation.

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